A couple were in for a shock when they kept an eye on their dog by means of their CCTV as they tracked down their shrewd canine had revised their furnishings.

The entertaining film of the pet, a seven-year-old greyhound named Polly, was caught by Yvonne and David Run in their home in the East Midlands recently – and demonstrates that dogs are extremely savvy.

The recording, which was assumed the night of Monday 3 October, was taken after Polly had been left in the parlor of her Northampton home by proprietors Yvonne and David Run after they had hit the sack for the evening.

Polly was left with a decision of two dog beds to rest on, with one at each side of the room.

She clearly concluded she would like to have the extravagant solace of the two of them together, in any case, as the video shows her hauling one bed over to the next to make a bigger bed.

Surprising, she had the option to impeccably adjust the two beds to make her new extravagant bed – and afterward settled down for a rest.

Yvonne and David, matured 63 and 66 individually, both heard commotions from the parlor on the night of 3 October yet barely cared about it.

At the point when they checked their CCTV film the following morning, on Tuesday 4 October, they were stunned to find exactly what Polly had done.

Yvonne said: “When we were higher up, we could hear some scratching – so I really look at the live camera on my telephone.

“I could see Polly snoozing on the two beds – and I accepted David had assembled them before he hit the hay.

“At the point when I saw the webcam film the following day I was unable to accept she’d done it without anyone else’s help.

“The manner in which she made it happen and arranged them so impeccably – I’d never have even figured she could do that without anyone else’s help.

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